Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I, Me, Nothing.

I am a memory in the dark
I am a legend in the telling
I am a myth of unknowing
I am nothing.

To know me
is to not
To hate me
is to rot
To humor me
is to lie
To include me
is to deny

I am a candle
with wax down the sides
with flames all extinguished
unlovely to all eyes

I am a lore book
with torn leaves and broken cover
my spine bent and ruined
dusty and undiscovered

I am a key
with rust on the handle
hidden within its strongbox
forgotten on the mantle

I am a story
forgotten over time
told to none, heard by none
in any land or clime

I am nothing.

Light me, I will illuminate
Open me, I will elucidate
Use me, I will unlock
Tell me, I will reveal

I am still a candle, I can still be lit!
I am still a lore book, I can still be read!
I am still a key, I can still unlock!
I am still a story, I can still be sung!

Memory fades to legend, 
legend fades to myth, 
myth turns to nothingness.

Yet because I am nothing, I was borne from nothing.

I was nothing
myth faded
but I was a legend
after I am a memory

I am.

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