Thursday, 5 March 2015


It began with a cup
Of sweet longan juice
Ended in mishap
Then boredom ensued

Of course, there was panic
It was my baby, my all!
I went almost manic
What could be done now??

I took her to pieces
Cleaned all the keys
But oh so useless
She screamed, "futility!"

She said what I didn't
Did nothing I wanted
Everything unbidden
I knew... She was broken

My laptop was broken!

So I sent her to shop
"Five working days"
And my heart just stopped
"I won't last five hours"

I returned home in tears
Not literally, but close
For all my worse fears
Had just overdosed

My holiday had begun
But I had nothing to do!
Run out in the sun?
"Are you crazy?!"

But some part of me
Knew this was sad
Was the laptop screen
All that I had?

A slightly larger section
Spoke quite forcefully
With undue aggression
"Do something worth doing!"

And I remembered
Long ages ago
Before videos rendered
But were taped on the go

I would have been jovial
Well on my own
Reading a novel
Or writing a poem

So I did what I loved
Besides video games

I read books
I wrote stories
I looked at scenery
I walked alone
I drew nonsense
I talked with friends
I laughed with family

I lived

Was I bored at times?
Of course I was
But whoever said
I wasn't bored of my laptop?