Wednesday, 17 February 2016


In life we often never grasp
The weight of continual living
Until that moment, that final gasp
Can our mouths exude,
"It is enough"?

At dawn we wake
At noon we work
At dusk we feast
At night we sleep

At dawn we rise
At noon we slog
At dusk we eat
At night we weep

Enough is Enough!

A heart's dark doubting with unanswered words
Prayers to gods on lips unheard?
A service or two to those in strife
Perhaps we once had saved a life?

As darkness falls across our eyes
The thoughts around the edge of mind
Beyond the veil, the new world lies
In our last breath,
Was it enough?

A false existence, in desperation
That everyday, begins to fade
Futility fuels our every action
No soul will ever come to aid

In a sorry bed, you go to die
The worst of pain to pass away
In death's warm arms, you softly lie
And wish the phrase,
"It is enough".

Be steadfast
The world contrasts
If you follow them,
You cannot last
It is never enough

Work for those you hold most dear
Love all life, whether far or near
And though the man will always leer
In your heart,
It is enough

Then as you walk that lonely road
The flowered path begins to grow
The scent is strong, you'll always know
At road's end,
It was enough.

It is enough.

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