Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wishes to Pass

Standing at this precipice
At the edge of darkest darkness
Before the peak where the world ends
Between the shadow of death
And the light of life
Can you still hear my tired song?

Content to play second fiddle
Always in view, but never seen
Slow to move, slow to speak
A terrifyingly weak existence
Below this meek persistence
I grew ever smaller through time

Even so, swallowing this bitter pill
This proving of the death march
This void encapsulated soul
Caught between desires and desire
Trapped in the box of personal design
I'd scream to leave but I'll stay inside

But then a lens provided eyes
A widened view for a lower price
Sweet relief from lonely life
The bigger world in a whole new light
But the shadow's there, just weaker
I knew I never should have wandered

A majesty too bright
Not illuminating, but blinding sight
A pain too real, a life too light
Stardrop honey, moonbeam jam
The throes too sweet for dying men
I'd let myself taste once again

But darkness shall always
outlast the light
No matter the strength
No matter the time
Beyond it, the cycle always lies
I'll sink again, but that's alright

So please forget this wretched child
Weak and whimpering,
pale and sickening
A failure, a fraud, a hopeless fool
It is undeserving of anything real
I'm nothing but a simple tool

For though you spoke of future
A brighter time and better place
Of hope for it to grow and nurture
Couldn't you see the loathsome truth?
All the hope that was left
What I'd stored for myself

I'd long given to you.


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