Friday, 23 June 2017

Hymn of the Dragon's Calling

Terror stains the darkening sky
Horrors of worlds that cannot die
Winged monsters of coldest nightmare
From savage lands, where no men dare

Sweeping death, a rampant plague
For mortal men, there is no aid
Who steps forth, when the bravest hide?
Who can withstand the coming tide?

But where one stands, others rise
No matter the cost, no matter the price
To combat the wrath of ancient gods
And their servants of old, the raging hordes

From the ancient powers, knowledge anew
Of love, of tears, of a human view
Humanity suffers for its salvation
Till pain unites every nation

And where one monster becomes a friend
A great host will follow to no end
Where gods become alike to men
Where god-heroes rise from their den

And truly then, the war begins
A worthy battle, of which bards will sing
Bravery true, and friendship strong
To cleanse the world, and right the wrongs

For the First rides forth, on Dragon Wings
A message of hope and glory, he brings
In a darkening sky of horrors unfurled,

Some horrors will save this world.

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