Monday, 16 September 2013


"The Lord of Flames"

  Recently, on my Facebook I posted a drawing of a dragon named Du'rrald'un, who declared himself as the "Lord of Flames." Du'rrald'un is actually a 'Dragon' I created for the novel I am attempting to write, although he is mostly a tangent to the main story, living almost 6000 years before the main events of the novel. I think it would be interesting to write more about him and reveal a little more of the lore of the world.
  Du'rrald'un is a Dragon, or rather, a D'ragonn. He was among the first born to the world by the works of Er'anade to fight the eternal war against Jal'mansar (which is an entirely different story altogether). After the purge of the world, D'ragonn went into hiding everywhere, amongst the later called 'Unknown Lands', then known as a section of Oshavia. During the Second Age, the D'ragonn rose out of hiding and, after much infighting, were brought under the rule of Du'rrald'un, who had managed to defeat all his opponents during the battle.
  Du'rrald'un was the D'ragonn that declared the conquest against the neighbouring Oldun, starting what would be known as the El Y'uarn D'ragonn; in stories: the Dragon War.
   Du'rrald'un declared himself as the Lord of Flames as his speciality within the field of do'ma, the special energies granted only to the D'ragonn, was used. Indeed, his usage of the energy into the conversion of fire was unsurpassed by any other D'ragonn until Ald'amener, who became his downfall in the end of the Y'uarn D'ragonn.
  He was described as having scales that were black as night, piercing red eyes and wings that stretched to the size of two other D'ragonn. Fearsome and fearless, he was the perfect example of a D'ragonn General during the eternal war, and indeed, was among the main contributors to the both wars he participated in. However, what brought about his downfall, was his pride.
  When Ald'amener and his human friend Ari'anor led the strike force of Ta'al into the heart of Du'rrald'un's base, he dismissed them and thought them to be no threat to his rule, long disbelieving the reports that Ald'amener had grown just as powerful as he in the human lands, when he had turned on his once leader. Thus, when the time came, Du'rrald'un was unprepared to face the Ta'al of both Ald'amener and Ari'anor, falling to them in battle. However, it was also this pride that lead to the destruction of all his enemies as well. Refusing to die, Du'rrald'un moulded a massive amount of do'ma within himself and let it explode, shattering his being, but also killing all living beings near him.
  Thus ended Du'rrald'un, Lord of Flames, who had been close to ruling the entire Oshavic continent. 

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