Tuesday, 1 October 2013


There is a story
That the earth remembers
That the trees whisper of
That men hunt relentlessly

Of a legend that evades
Of a myth that tempts
Of a castle in the sky

They were young

It began with the wind
That time brought to pass
The creation of the first constructs
That harnessed its power.

And as the wind continued
Man used it to toil the earth
Bringing the stone up
to reach for the heavens

Black smoke to rival the clouds
Monoliths to rival the mountains
But nothing to rival the skies

So man flew further
Cities rose up, leaving the ground
Machines plied the atmosphere
To rival the skies!

They were gods!

So man lost sight
Their ambitions turned on them
They had forgotten their origins
Falling back to the earth

The wind that raised them
Became their downfall
The earth that they had worked
Became their succour once more.

Only relics remained,
That the wind left alone
To remember of a time that was

A girl with a stone of light
who remembered what was
and Laputa

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